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Mongolia Attractions - is it its secret history and undiscovered tomb of Genghis Khan? Or is it its nomadic culture that has not changed much even into the twenty first century? Or is it its untapped natural resources that attracts investors? What do you think why Mongolia is getting so much attention nowadays?

If you follow Google Alerts, there is not a single day without Mongolia hitting headlines in major news entities. The main attention is on its growing economy due to natural resources, young democracy and cultural tourism. Whatever it is, we desire to help people to get to know Mongolia better, deeper and hopefully fall in love with Mongolia attractions.

Mongolia is a very unique place with vast open fields that stretch as far as your eyes can see. As you see on these pictures, in the outbacks of Mongolia you will encounter more sheep, goats and other animals than people. And yet, it's one of the fastest growing economies in Asia with everything in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. Search it!

Mongolian herds
Mongolian camel herd
Mongolian parliament hous

Mongolia attractions contains information on:

- Ancient history of the Mongols who built the biggest land empire

- Getaway places in Mongolia where every visitor must go

- Facts about Mongolian people, wildlife and nature

- Fun things to do for adventurers and naturalists

- News and events to keep you up to date with a life of Mongolia

- Nomadic culture of the Mongols is once in lifetime unique experience.

Mongolian beaut
Mongolian cultural danc

Nomads in Mongolia are known by their warm hospitality that extends to anybody. You will be the most welcome guest and you do not have to call or make appointments or reservations to visit them.

To enjoy their hospitality you will need some basics of Mongolian language and knowledge about the culture. You will have the first hand experience with well preserved ancient culture in 21st century.

mongolian eagle hunte

Hi, I am Tsogt Khorloo and I am Mongolian eagle hunter, just kidding! I did my graduate studies at Azusa Pacific University in Southern California during which this website was born out of love for Mongolia.

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