A little later part two

by David

Mooching about town, I have found most themed eateries to be a Mongolians idea of what they should be, as in the Ukrainian place above the Fashion Cafe (now renamed Fashion Cake as they most likely lost or did not renew the franchise) the food was the same as a slow cook Mongolian stew, with curry powder added. We also have in the US and the UK misleading places like The Mongolian Grill, other than artifacts on the walls they have no bearing on Mongolian food. I would love to find here in UB a Chinese Cantonese style, I do not care about front of house, but the cooks Must be Chinese! With the high altitude, I have found that one can get tipsy quicker on less, see another saving! We have had problems with the apartment with the taps (faucets) with the high quality Chinese fittings, two mixer taps have leaked inside requiring replacements and the movable spout on the kitchen sink mixer snapped off, again requiring replacement, although this apartment was built four years ago, it had not been lived in before, there is now only one apartment left, like mine it has fantastic views of crumbling Soviet five storey blocks either side! BTW I should have mentioned that I have been married for 15 years to a Mongolian Oyuna, we met in London. and my first visit to Mongolia was in 1999, boy was it bleak then! Dave

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