Adventure Travel Mongolia

How would you define an Adventure Travel Mongolia? For some adventure would be more physically challenging like hiking, climbing, riding, winter sports etc. For others it is more being a complete stranger in totally unknown culture like a survival reality show. For many young and single people backpacking is an adventure travel, for older and financially well off people it is an organized travel tours. 

Adventure Travel Mongolia Pictures

Naadam procession includes young wrestlers 

How about Mongolian history? Genghis Khan built the largest continuous land empire in history of the world in shortest period of time. He is not only a national hero and idol in Mongolia, he is admired by Mongolians from around the world. He is the father of the nation like Moses to Jewish people.

More and more people started seeing him from positive perspectives, his achievements and innovations in human history. So, visiting historical sites that are associated with Genghis Khan, would be an honor for many visitors including scientists. The search for his tomb that could contains wealth of historical data still continues.   

Gigantic stature of Genghis Khan

For activity oriented people, Mongolia travel adventures are horse trekking, reindeer and two humped camel riding, hiking, fly fishing, hunting, backpacking, all sorts of winter sports. What was your adventure travel Mongolia? Please, share with us as so many others did. In our Travel Stories page, you will find stories from real people who have traveled in Mongolia.

Winter hiking is an adventurous challenge

Mongolia invites for an Adventure travel

Your unique experience that you can find in Mongolia would be a real adventure for you. What do you want to experience?

For those who never been in vast open fields, simply traveling through the Gobi Desert would be breathtaking experience.

At least that was my personal experience. The nature travels could be an adventure for naturalists and environmentalists.

Mongolia has many natural hot spas

I believe Mongolian Culture is in itself very unique adventure for people lovers. No where else in the world you will find such an authentic and well preserved ancient culture today. It starts with Naadam festivals in the capital starting July 11 and lasting 5 business days.

Then if you travel outback after the Naadam, it seems like the Needam celebrations never ends. That is because it spreads out from the capital to the provinces, and sub provinces and business entities. 

However, I must admit that Mongolia is rapidly changing its lifestyle. You will have to travel further and further in order to experience true nomadic culture and stay out of the crowds too.

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