Ancient tomb in Mongolia

ancient tomb in mongolia

ancient tomb in mongolia

Researchers finished exploring the treasures of a 1300-year-old ancient tomb in Mongolia that was discovered six metres underground in Zaamar soum, Tow province in 2001.

The scientists from the Towd Studies Academy in Buryatia, Russia and the International Academy of Nomadic Culture Studies in Mongolia are wrapping up their exploration this month. The tomb is 4.5 by 5.6 metres and 2.6 metres high, and has earth walls, as well as a 25 metre-long tunnel to an archway. The researchers cleared a mound to find the ancient tomb.
There were many objects made of mud and wood such as dolls, horses, camels, cows, lions, fish, and pigs at the site. There was also a musical instrument called a Philomel, and black, blue and pale yellow flags.

Near the tomb’s door, there were two 75 by 75 cm tombstones that told of the lives of those laid to rest at the site, as well as a brief history of the area. There was also a slab for the coffins, which measured 2.8 mm in thickness and 120 cm long. No bodies were found at the site, but ashes were discovered on the slab, which also featured 750 embossed Chinese characters.

“Never in the past had we found such a big tomb,” said A.Ochir, who leads the research team. “We think it may have been the tomb of the Pugu Tribe’s chief in Turkic khanate when we first started exploring the site because there was symbol used by dignitaries.”

“We are almost certain it is Todo’s tomb who was the army commander of the Pugu tribe.”
Todo died in 677 when he was 44-years-old. The Pugu tribe of Turkic khanate was made up of 30,000 households and the best 10,000 horsemen in the area, Ochir said.

The Pugu tribe was settled between Turkic Khanate and Uyghur khanate. The explorer thinks that the tomb will represent a new nomadic archeological monument, and they hope that the site will tell many stories about Turkic khanate culture and about Mongolia in the seventh century. The findings of the site will be housed in the Mongolian Museum of Art.


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