Ancient Mongolia History of Christian Faith.

Did you know that in ancient Mongolia history Christianity played an important role? I have come to understanding that Nestorian Church or the Church of the East was not a heretical. Samuel Moffett, a professor from Princeton Theological Seminary, states:

“Judged by his own works, which have come to light only in the last century, Nestorius seems scarcely as heretical as the west had always thought him. At no time did he deny the deity of Christ. He merely insisted that it be clearly distinguished from Christ’s humanity.”

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After Nestorians were persecuted in Roman Empire (1-2 c.), they prospered in Edessa, Parthian Persia till Islam swept through the land. They moved eastward amd settled in T’ang dynasty where they left an indisputable fact of their presence on Nestorian Tablet which was discovered in 1625.

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But when Wu Hou dynasty (8c) persecuted Nestorians, they reached nomadic Mongol tribes: Uighurs, Naiman, Merkit and Keraits who were led by Wang-Khan, Christian King of Asia, Prester John, disciple of the Nestorians.

This is only brief summary on how Christendom had prominent place among Mongol tribes by the rise of Great Genghis Khan. Genghis’s new daughter-in-law, the Nestorian Kerait princess, Sokaktani-beki greatly influenced her sons Mungke (Great Khan), Hulegu (ilkhan) and Khublai (emperor of China). Read more from Kemp Steppe by Step

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