Backpacking in Mongolia

There was no such thing as Backpacking in Mongolia during the first decade of Independent Mongolia. Though the old state owned travel agencies were privatized, they still had monopoly in tourism industry of Mongolia. They strongly opposed the backpacking to Mongolia when I was taking course from Mongolia’s Tourism Bureau in 1999.

Therefore, you need an expert advice from such minded travelers. Here is a great website that provides excellent advice before you go backpacking, especially, if you are doing so in Asia, check – The website is being edited by the backpackers for the backpackers.

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The challenges for backpacking in Mongolia:

•Language barriers – the majority of the people outside of the capital and other cities hardly speak any foreign languages. However, the chances are if you are traveling during the summer months, you will meet college students who speak English and other languages pretty well. Basic Mongolian is essential for your survival and to make your ways around.

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• Transportation – one thing Mongolia needs the quality paved roads and signs for directions. Most of the roads are dirt and very rough for those who used to nice and easy driving conditions. Even the paved roads are rough because of low quality jobs and the extreme temperatures of Mongolian winter and summer.

• Accommodation – expect to pray $5-7 dollars per night with breakfast. Click for more information on Mongolia Guesthouses However, similar guest houses outside the major cities do not have hot running water and do not include the breakfast.

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The rewards for backpacking in Mongolia:

• The backpacker in Mongolia will never have to sleep in the open field unless you chose to. The nomadic people will gladly host travelers, especially, from foreign countries. They will not charge unless they provide a separate GER exclusively prepared for travelers near the settlements and tourist attractions in Mongolia. Simple ways of thank can be expressed monetarily or in other small goodies for children.

• The backpackers in Mongolia can enjoy the same sights and activities that organized tour operators provide with much less expenses. Visit the list of things to do for backpacking in Mongolia. You will pay much less in food and beverages even you eat at the same eateries on the roads. Full Mongolian lunch and dinner could cost only couple of bucks.

• You will have a freedom to relax and enjoy your time in Mongolia. You will literally lose the sense of time in the outback because of nomadic lifestyle. Organized tours will rush you through their schedule and you will miss the authentic culture, natural beauty and breathtaking sights and sounds of Mongolia.

Tips for Backpacking in Mongolia:

• Pair up with other backpackers before you head up for adventures

• Never travel alone unless you are an experienced lone ranger

• Do not leave your backpacks unattended, always keep your passport and valuables with you

• Be patient with time because it is going to be different

• Always have first aid kit and update your whereabouts to your loved ones

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