Basic Mongolian

It would be cool if master few basic Mongolian phrases. They will come handy in your first encounters with Mongolian people and impress them, get their attention and win their friendship. You might even use it to impress your friends if you never get to travel to Mongolia. 

I do make informal Mongolian language videos. Hopefully, these simple videos will help you with your Mongolian pronunciation. At least, you are hearing native Mongolian speaker pronouncing these vowels and consonants. 

Basic Mongolian Videos

So many of us, start with books and anglisized methods for pronunciation which is not so helpful. And if you start wrong, you will develop an accent. But never worry about accents because no matter how hard we try , we will have them anyways. They will stick with us for lifetime, I guess. They just decrease as time goes by when we consistently speak the language.   

I have tried to come up with few Mongolian phrases used in casual conversations in every day life. The one of the hardest words Mongolian word phrase for the speakers of other languages is Goodbye "bayartai" - БАЯРТАЙ. It is a general word for goodbye but long time friends may use just universal 'bye'. 

See you soon "udahgyi uulzaya" - УДАХГҮЙ УУЛЗАЯ - used if you really mean it like you going to see the person soon. See you later "daraa uulzaya" - ДАРАА УУЛЗАЯ can be used when you are not going to see the person from several days to weeks. These are not that difficult to say.

However, thank you "bayarlalaa" - БАЯРЛАЛАА would be a challenge. It is quite similar with goodbye "bayartai" - БАЯРТАЙ; thank you very much "mash ih bayarlalaa" - МАШ ИХ БАЯРЛАЛАА; you are welcome "zugeer zugeer" ЗҮГЭЭР ЗҮГЭЭР.

The following is one of several homemade videos that I have taken to present the basics of Mongolian language. If you are not Mongolian but speak Mongolian, please, upload similar videos. It takes just few minutes once you figure out the webcam. It took a while for me to do it first time.

Please, do make comments, your generous likes and shares on my Youtube channel where Basic Mongolian is uploaded. Also, you can respond with your videos. Just listen to me and record yourself. It would be fun to hear you say Mongolian phrases. Or shoot me a message of what you would like to hear in Mongolian language.

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