Cheap hotel in Ulaanbaatar

Cheap hotel in Ulaanbaatar

Cheap hotel in Ulaanbaatar

Cheap hotel in Ulaanbaatar

"Selbe plaza" co., ltd has been running business in various fields such as trade, tourism, hotel, restaurant, construction, and as well as real estate. The company owns four different Production and Service Centers ‘Selbe plaza'-1,2,3,4 in different regions.

It also owns Tourist camp in beautiful Dorgont valley of Bayanchandmani Soum, Central Province providing a year-round service, employing over 70 staff there.

Except the tourist camp in Dorgont valley of Bayanchandmani Soum of Central Province we have planned to set up another two I Semjigt hollow and Elstei valley in the territory of Erdene Soum, Central Province with capacity of 60-70 persons for the initial time.

"Chandmani bulag travel" tourist camp

"Selbe Chandmani travel" Tourist Camp is located in the distance of 70 km off Ulaanbaatar in natural habitat of Dorgont valley of Bayanchandmani Soum,Central Province.The tourist camp provides services at any season of the year with capacity of 60-70 persons per shift. The tourist camp is comprised of two divisions.

Summer ‘Ger camp' consists of 25 ger ( Mongolian traditional dwelling made of felt ) and every single ger is a master piece of traditional design of carving and engraving. There are facilities that are specially designed for tourist and travelers.

The camp also include a hotel, a restaurant, VIP karaoke room, ping pong tables, a meeting hall, gym, court for sports games, tennis court, spacious parking place, washrooms as well as office rooms.We have focused on winter tourism and have planned to set up ski camp in our winter division and intend to organize related competitions.

* Travel
* Ger Camp
* Hotel
* Restaurant
* Ger VIP
* Karaoke
* Billiard
* Conference hall
* Tennis
* Sport area
* Sauna
* Parking
* Art Shop
* Laundry

Contact cheap hotel in Ulaanbaatar
Phone: 976-11-680616
Fax: 976-11-688913
Cellphone: 99961464,96663354,99050051

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