China's Yuan Dynasty

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China's Yuan Dynasty

China's Yuan Dynasty

China's Yuan Dynasty
Ancient Mongol Conquerors
Nestorians in Mongol Empire
Religions in Mongol Empire

China's Yuan Dynasty which was ruled by Mongol Empire was indeed a multi-religious community. It was a tradition of Great Khans to tolerate the native religions of their conquered lands.

One more thing, editor An from Xinuanet is omitting that Nestorian Christianity, properly the Church of the East, was prevalent in those times. In fact, according to church historians, Great Khans favored Nestorians because many of the Empresses of the Mongol Empire were Christians.

HOHHOT, Dec. 11 (Xinhua) -- The capital of China's Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region used to be a multi-religious area that included Buddhism, Taoism and Islamism, an expert said Sunday.

Buddhist temples, Taoist temples and mosques had all been built in Yuan's Shangdu, the dynasty's capital, which proves the dynasty was tolerant to many religions, said Li Yanyang, a researcher at the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regional Museum.

The religious leaders were well-treated and privileged under King Kublai Khan's multi-religion policy, Li said.

Documents show that religious ceremonies were often held in Shangdu, especially Buddhism ceremonies, Li said.

According to Li, the multi-religion phenomenon was started after the Mongolian nobles entered middle China and began to accept Buddhism and Taoism, then Islam emerged as they went west.

Tibetan Buddhism was most favored by Khan, Li said.

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