Climate of Mongolia

climate of Mongolia

climate of Mongolia

The climate of Mongolia is a truly landclimate and therefore the weather is dry and can change

drastically. However the temperature is different in every area, the average temperature in the
hottest month July is 12-20 degrees, in the coldest month January the temperature drops to -15
degrees or even more.

On 170-190 days a year the average daytemperature is 0 degrees. The average windspeed 2-3 m/s, but sometimes the wind blows with an astonishing 15 m/s.

The yearly rainfall is very low, of which 65-78% falls during summer. Because there is just a
little rain the land is always dry and the total rainfall in the capital Ulaanbaatar is only 233mm,
which is less than 1/5 in Seoul.

In the case of Ulaanbaatar the extreme temperature change is -35-40 degrees in winter and 30-35 degrees in summer, which is the biggest temperature range in the world.

Because of the long winters and dryness Mongolians are continuously bothered by a cold, and because agricultural cultivation is hard most people in the countryside live a nomadic

In the past it was cold enough to wear long sleeves even during summer, but since the
temperature went up and the precipitation is higher it is quite hot in the summer.

Because the range of temperature, humidity and pressure is high, the temperature drops a lot at night. And because of the high altitude sunrays are strong.

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