Clothing of Nomads in Mongolia

Clothing of nomads has not changed much because the nomadic lifestyle remained virtually intact through the centuries. Nomads still live in traditional dwellings and wear the centuries old fashion dels as their general outfit throughout the year.

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This fact alone blows me away! What do you think? Where else in the world today people do wear thousands years of old fashion outfits? And these nomads wear them as if their outfits are the newest designs from The Fashion World.

modern nomad
Nomads clothing

The clothing will correspond to the four seasons of the year. During the hot and short summer the nomads wear light dels made of cotton. In harsh and very cold long winters they wear warm dels made of lamb's skin. In between during the spring and autumn the nomads wear both heavy and light dels due to highly contrast weather.

There is yearly open show of traditional Mongolian clothing in the Sukhebaatar square commemorating the upcoming independence day celebration of Naadam festivals. If you are traveling during Naadam, you will get to see and experience Mongolian clothing up close.

cutee in traditional mongolian deel

mongolian traditional clothing
mongolian clothing sho

mongolian models in clothing sho

The clothing will vary from the simplest everyday use to the gorgeous and full colorful custom made outfits that will speak of gender and age, the status and welfare of the person. Also, they will correspond to cultural events and specific celebrations. Mongol clothing will slightly differ according to the ethnic groups like their dialects.

For the outsiders it is hard to tell the difference between the clothing of Mongolia and that of China. The similarity is evident due to thousands of years of close neighborhood. Historically, many scholars state that 2 out of 5 Chinese dynasties were established and ruled by the Mongols. That will explain why there such great amount of similarities in clothing, traditional music etc. We will be back with more on clothing of nomads

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