Descendant of Kubilai Khan

Descendant of Kubilai Khan

Descendant of Kubilai Khan

Batumongke Dayan Khan, descendant of Khubilai Khan, was a Mongol Khan who united the Mongols under Chinggisid supremacy in Post-imperial Mongolia. Dayan Khan was enthroned as the Great Khan of the Yuan Mongol Empire though his ancestor Toghan Temur failed to maintain Pan-Mongolism of the Mongol Empire a century ago. He is remembered as one of glorious Mongolian Emperors.

Dayan Khan and his queen Mandukhai eliminated Oirat power and abolished the taishi system used by both local and foreign warlords. Dayan Khan's victory at Dalan Tergin reunified the Mongols and solidified their corporate identity as Chinggisid people. His decision to divide the Six tumens of Eastern Mongolia as fiefs for his sons created decentralized but stable Borjigin rule over Mongolia for a century.

It is claimed that Batumongke was the son of Bayanmongke the Bolkhu jinong of the Borjigin Dynasty in Mongolia, a descendant of Kublai Khan. Although Bolkhu and his family suffered through life's darkest hours during the reign of Esen Tayshi and the internal conflict of the Northern Yuan Dynasty, they were welcomed by his brother Manduul Khan soon after his coronation.

Batumongke's father and his uncle Manduul had come to blows due to warlords' convictions, and Bayanmongke had fled and been murdered. Manduul's taishi Ismayil then took his wife Shikher and properties. In order to save Batumongke's life Shiker gave her child to a commoner family to nurse. Because of his Borjigin blood, Batumongke was well taken care by the Mongol commoners and minor nobles.

At the sudden death of Manduul Khan in 1467, Batumongke was five years
old. Later he was adopted by Mandukhai Khatun, the widow of Manduul Khan. When Mandukhai's loyalists brought back Batumongke, he was suffering echinoderms. Mandukhai had him treated and the boy recovered soon.

As a direct descendant of the Great Khan Kublai, Mandukhai had him ascend to the throne at the Royal shrine kept by the Chakhar and gave him the title - Dayan Khan (A mighty ruler; protector of whole; one who does not render deed worthless but compensates accordingly but some historians believe that the term might be originated from the Great Yuan).

When he was aged nineteen, she married him, and retained great influence over court and military. They reunified the Mongol retainers of the former eastern region of the Mongol Empire. The Oirats were defeated by the military skill of Mandukhai and control reclaimed over the Eastern Mongols. Batumongke and his queen Mandukhai led Mongol armies in 1483 against Ismayil Taishi who fled in defeat to Hami where he was killed by other Muslims or the Turco-Mongols.

Dayan Khan's mother Shiker was brought back and given the title taikhu (empress dowager). Their power was supported by Unubold (Naybolad), the descendant of Qasar who was the brother of Chingis Khaan and the tribes ruled by descendants of Chingis Khan's brothers were allied. Only Khoosai of the Tumed rejected to accept Batumongke Dayan Khan's supremacy but he was defeated by the Khagan.

The most important achievement of the couple was their defeat of the war-like Oirats who had previously revolted against the rule of the Borjigin Emperors since the 14th century.

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