Employment Mongolia

Employment Mongolia

Employment Mongolia

According to the survey, conducted by Labor, care and services department of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Labor, 46985 foreign citizens were employed in Mongolia. The Department grants permissions on importing foreign labor force.

The number of foreign workers reached 36 thousand as of the first eight months of the year 2008, going up by 7000 in comparison to that of the previous year, via unofficial calculation. This increase in foreign citizen employment is related to the Government acceleration of the 40.000 household apartment program. Thus it is essential for Mongolia to increase the number of cadres to engage in construction.

Surveys carries out by the Ministry of Construction and urban development suggest that it is essential to import 10 thousand foreign work forces. The Ministry said that only specialized professionals would be invited however most of foreign workers in Mongolia have elementary professional education that 53.9 percent of foreigners, employed in Mongolia last year, had such education. More than half percent of them were Chinese. Foreigners are employed in mining and construction sectors mostly.

Employment Mongolia, Foreign Workers in Mongolia

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