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Before your holiday in the Islands here are some Fiji Facts which may help you on your way.

Fiji covers a total area of 18,270 sq km with 1,129 km of coastline. The highest point is Tomanivi at 1,324m above sea level. The country is made up of 332 Islands, of which more than 100 are inhabited.

In the 2007 census the population was 827,900 people. The majority of the adult population work in the Sugar or Tourism Industries. Fiji receives between 400,000-500,000 tourist annually accounting for a large proportion of money into their economy.

The country is located in the South Pacific so enjoys a tropical climate. This makes it an ideal destination to go during the long winter months to relax and enjoy a bit of warmth.

The currency of the country is the Fijian Dollar. Make sure you change some money either before you leave home or at the Nadi Airport on arrival.

The country's capital is Suva which is located on the eastern side of the main Island, Viti Levu. Suva is also the largest city in Fiji and contains one of the two ports in the country.

Although the country has a combination of both native Fijians and Indians it is an English Speaking nation. They do however speak their own dialects but all staff at resorts, restaurants, shops and the like are English speaking.

One of the most common words you hear in Fiji is a cheerful "Bula". This is the Fijian word for "hello", it is one of many words you might hear during your stay.

There is both an English and native version of their country's National Anthem. The people are very musical so listening to them sing is a joy.

Hope these Fiji Facts have been helpful towards planning your holiday.

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