free chopper ride in ulanbator... lots of fun!

by robert mclean jr
(toronto, ontario)

well... taxi cabs cheap if you travel with local guys only otherwise cab drivers will always try to cheat you :D

we stayed at ujin hostel, newly built condo just in a few meters from state circus and department store. run by canadian-mongolian family. gothic fashion, harley davidson motorcycles, we were really surprised to meet mongolian goths (they call themselves as jrockers)... one day I drove owner's harley chopper to terelj national park... alone... enjoyed it... but local traffic cops sucks lol... I found that mongolian silly paved roads are not really comfortable and easy to drive... enjoyed my time there... met a lot of local artists playing alternative music... the owner of hostel where I stayed was a bass guitarist from local visual kei band... really liked his music.... was invited to mongolian most famous live music concert in gachurt... definitely will comeback to ulanbator... just suggesting you to stay there if you like music, gothic lifestyle, marilyn manson, choppers lol... I do not have their business card and don't have their full names, husband is rio (tall asian dude, skinny, long hair, speaks in perfect english and french in quebec accent), wife is sabrina (canadian born lady in her mid-20's, long brown hair, tall and skinny as her mongolian husband, tattoos on bodies lol)... pretty loved their ujin hostel,
their introduction to local alternative music lifestyle, choppers... especially choppers lol... I googled their website, here is their web address: oh yeah, you can easily meet the husband and the owner of this amazing place on facebook, he has strange and funny profile name: gothictim manson lol... his travel packages are cheapest in the whole country, I even visited some local hostels and guest houses to compare their prices... 30-40% cheaper at ujin hostel... they revealed me their low price secret... that was amazingly easy... gas price, driver's daily salary, guide's salary etc etc and their profit is only fifty bucks... everyday at least 8-10 suv's leaving their hostel to the countryside tours... other places are trying to make profit from everything: gas, salaries, food... dormitory beds also amazingly cheap... on their website is written that it's will cost you exactly 5 us dollars but... real price is 3! breakfast is silly: small piece of biscuit and a hot tea... but their location, cleanliness, safety, friendly family-run staff, gothic sub-culture evening meetings and accommodation prices will just double their reputation... funny thing is: they always ask from their guests to write anything about their hostel everywhere... maybe to improve their advertisement and online presence... but I want to suggest them myself lol... robert mclean, beijing... (originally from canada too lol)

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