Fun time in Mongolia

by Afa

Snow in May in Mongolia

Snow in May in Mongolia

“Not Inner Mongolia - Having fun time in Mongolia”

(14 May'2005)

Mongolia is a place I wanted to visit; I never know when I will make this trip there. It doesn't come to mind to go Mongolia during this trip of mine to China.

When my V friend in Beijing asked me want to go Mongolia with her when I was stuck in Xian, I thought, I've miss the chance and I've to make another time to go Mongolia. Never knew that my V friend was willing to extent her visa to wait for me to join her.

As Mongolia was not in my plan for this trip, I've no idea where to stay and where to visit but since my V friend was already there, she has already spent there for two weeks, she was able to brought me around in the town area.

How much do you know about Mongolia? As for me, I imagine Mongolia is a place of open field and a lot of horses in the field.

I hardly read books; I rather watch movies or watch TV drama series on moving action than to read book with all the still letters on paper. I've never had any movie or TV drama showing about Mongolia; therefore, I've no much information about Mongolia before I read about Mongolia.

When I was in Beijing, my V friend contacted me from Mongolia, she was asking me to join her, she knew it was also my dream to go Mongolia and when I knew my friend was willing to wait for me to join her there, I've no further question in my mind and I've agreed to meet her there.

Wow…a total different feeling and experience I had in Mongolia. Mongolia gives me a bit feeling on New Zealand. If you been to New Zealand, the feeling a little bit a like, because New Zealand also have open field for all the sheep. Of cause, Mongolia has a different to offer and it was also two different in culture and languages.

When I took an early train from Beijing to Mongolia, I was on board the train, there was a lady serving hot drink and I've drink it. I was on the same cabin with one Mongolian family, they don't speak English but one of the middle age man do speak English, so he help me to interpret whenever there was the train staff or officers come along.

This man was very nice to me, whenever he has food, he always offer it to me, he kind of taking care of me through out this journey until I reach Mongolia.

Let me share how I felt about Mongolia. In Mongolia, not many local speak English, only some do speak simple English in the town area. Mongolia has four seasons just like in Tibet, you can be at one area the sky blue and another location was cold and snow at the same time, is amazing. Any time of the year in Mongolia, you will need warm clothes with you.

When I reached Mongolia at the Ulan Bator train station, my V friend was there waiting for me and when I a light the train, I was looking around for her. It was very crowded and I took about 5 to 10 minutes to meet up with her at the train station.

The home hostel boss was at the train station looking for backpackers (customers), later on he drove us back to the home hostel, it was late afternoon when I reach there, after leave my bag in the home
hostel, we went out for dinner, it was really cold at night.

In Mongolia you can easily eat goat meat in any restaurant or their small stall, as this is their standard local food, it come in the form a small cup size of rice on a plate with vegetables and goat meat. Other type of food is also not bad, is worth to try any type of food over in Mongolia, they are very nice taste.

My V friend has confirmed a 10 days tour package with the home stay hostel, so we were depart the town the next day early morning. Have all the warm clothes with us and all the cooking food and equipments with us in the van, it was a four-wheel drive van; allow us to travel up to hill route.

On our 1st day journey, we saw wind coming in different direction and have cause the sands rise up like a …… what you call it? It starts from small and later on it gets bigger and it went up higher, you could see the it rotated round and round, if a sheep would be there, I guess the sheep would have caught up by the wind, just like the sands did.

Every night, we slept in the Mongolia Ger; it was very cold to sleep in Ger when there was no fire to warm you in the middle of the night, we were sleeping in the sleeping bag and on top of it, we were given blanket to put over us but at the middle of the night, the fire die off, I could felt my shocks and sleeping bag was wet cold feeling, I can't slept with my body straight, it was so cold that I'd to slept like a dead prawn position.

On our second night, we had one local man to perform to us (we have to pay for the performance); he could play a few instruments and sing his Mongolia songs to us. We did enjoy ourselves even though we didn't understand what he was singing.

Next day, we visited the first monastery in Mongolia, it was a small monastery no much to see, the structure of it, very a like the Tibetan monastery.

When we were about to leave the place and carry on our journey, our driver told us we cannot move on, our driver had drunk a lot last night and the local police tested him and does not allow him to leave, they have taken his driving license. We were unable to go anywhere accept to wait. The driver have no idea when he can have his license back, he try to call his local friend for help. We were there waiting for more than 2 hours, while we were waiting not knowing when we can leave the place, we started to have something to keep us playing and bought some food to eat.

Later when his local friend came and went to talk to the local police officers, later they drove to another place here and there to look for someone, we were there playing while waiting, we have no idea what was happening for the past few hours of waiting.

Finally when our driver was release his license and we were able to carry on our journey, we came to this big field (everywhere can see big fields), we saw many horses were there drinking water and eating grass freely. I see no owner take care of the horses and they were not tie up, what a freedom.

Fun time in Mongolia will be continued

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