Genghis Khan Museum

Genghis Khan Museum

Genghis Khan Museum

Genghis Khan Museum Opens February 27, 2009 and will be operated through September 7, 2009 in Houston, Texas

Born with nothing, he rose to become the most powerful man of his time, conquering nations to build the largest empire the world had ever seen. Discover the spectacular innovation, the technological mastery, the engineering marvels, and the cultural sophistication of the world’s greatest conqueror – Genghis Khan – in this spectacular and uniquely interactive exhibition.

Assume your role in a stunning recreation of the Khan’s empire, from the lush grasslands to his extensive capital in the largest-ever presentation of 13th century treasures. More than 200 spectacular artifacts will be on display, including the first-ever printing press and paper money, to imperial gold, silk robes and sophisticated weaponry of the world's most visionary ruler and his descendants.

Organized by Genghis Khan Exhibits, Inc. in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, The National Museum of Mongolian History, The Institute of Archaeology of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, The National Library of Mongolia, The Military Museum of Mongolia, The Dornod Province Museum and The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.

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