Genghis Khan's tomb

by Dulguun

Genghis Khan's statue

Genghis Khan's statue

Genghis Khan's tomb and burial place of the great leader are sacred for Mongolians. From the period of reconstruction the desire to remember the heritage of Mongolia has resulted in an increased feeling of pride over their great Khan. The Mongolians and Japanese jointly held a prospecting expedition which made a search for the burial place of Genghis from 1990 to 1993. The expedition did not produce any results. People’s thoughts were divided on the subject and some Mongolians were angry about the expedition so the searching work was stopped. Since 1993 the Academy of Sciences has not given a grant to make a new search. In fact the expedition did not fully search territory of Khentii aimag which is thought to be his final resting place.

There is a legend that if one touches upon Genghis remains, much trouble and hardship will follow. Soviet archeologists just opened the cap of the coffin of king Tumur’s tomb when they heard about the news that fascist Germany attacked their country. The people who believed that it was bad luck to touch upon Genghis’ remains were the ones who resisted the efforts of the expedition. There are many guesses as to the location of Genghis remains. Burkhan Khaldun Mountain is may be a solid lead. Burkhan Khaldun Mountain is included in the limited area where the sacred kings were buried. It was written in the sutra “Altan tobch” that “Treated as sacred the emperor Genghis Khan in Burkan Khalduun Mount”. Another widely held guess is that his burial site is located in Deluun Boldog in northeastern Khentii province.

Genghis Khan’s tomb may exist in Ikh Utugand Uglugchiin kherem of Khentii province. Also there was feeling that they may be in Aurag ovoo of Delgerhhan in Khentii province. Since 1993, permission has not been granted to people to
search for Genghis’ remains but expeditions with different purposes have found secret and interesting things. The media did not understand fully these finds and leaked international headlines about Genghis’ sacred burial place being found in Mongolia. He may be buried in the Altai Mountains. Marco Polo wrote that he heard about Genghis being buried in the Altai Mountains. But Genghis’ sacred burial place has never been found. Why can’t it be found? People say that thousands of horses threaded over and over again on his tomb so that it would be hidden from view. But it was not necessary to do this if they thought that would hide it. It was also written that “Genghis Khan killed everyone which he ran into him on his way to the burial site”. In any case something was done that has protected its location and kept its location hidden until the present day.

Ashes of Genghis Khan, Burtgeljin Queen , Khulan Queen, Gurveljin goo queen. Khavt Khasar , Belgutei, Tului and Sorkhagtan Queen and many important artifacts such as a hat, five swords, spear, arrow case, bow and arrow , saddle and bridle, tether and halter, polar star of horse used by Genghis Khan and a trumpet, gong and 7 black standards that he took with him on his campaigns and two rollers of a large cart that stuck in this place. Many of these artifacts were ruined in the period of Cultural Revolution. Scientists have various suggestions on whether these artifacts were real or not. Many greedy people have been trying to illegally find the final resting place because they believe there is great wealth entombed with him. But the Mongolian belief is that these people will die by punishment of heaven above. Even to this day the burial place and Genghis Khan's tomb still kept in secret.

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