Ger - things that go bump in the night

by Philip Deaton
(Harrogate, England, UK)

Inside the ger

Inside the ger

My special ger experience... Day 3 was a reasonably early start as we had a long drive ahead of us. After a couple of hours driving, we stopped for a break and met an English couple on vacation from London. After a chat and a leg stretch we boarded our respective vehicles and set off once more. It was clear that neither Bayra or the other Mongolian driver wanted to follow the other, as they overtook each other repeatedly. Ed and Harry began to egg Bayra on and he rose to the challenge. The van left the ground on several occasions, as he repeatedly put the suspension to the test! Thankfully we made it to our next stop in one piece, managing to spot a huge eagle on the way.

We arrived in another small village and Ed decided he would cook lunch today. He did a sterling job of fajitas with rice, tuna, tomatoes and onions. Once more Julia got chatting with one of the older village men, who's Russian was excellent. It turned out he had studied in Moscow in his youth and had recently retired to the village and now looked after some horses and cattle. The children were also extremely friendly and were desperate for their pictures to be taken, whilst their mothers seemed more keen on them posing in an appropriate manner.... which they took no notice of ;)

Just out of the small village we came across a breathtaking canyon, where we stopped to take in the views and snap a few photos. We eventually arrived in Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur National Park at sunset and met our lovely host family who showed us into their ger for some warm milk and meat.

Their ger was beautifully decorated, with the exception of strips of meat dangling from the roof! As the sky darkened, the night lit up with an amazing number of stars, which had to be seen to be believed. They brought more meat and rice into our ger for supper, before the generator packed up around 21.30.

Around midnight i woke up to use the toilet and kept hearing noises outside the tent. I thought it must be the goat so tried to get back to sleep. Half an hour later there was a sound on the roof and about 20 minutes after this a meowing sound inside the tent. Somehow a cat had got in, which Ed threw out, only for it to reappear on Harrys bed 2 minutes later, which gave him a real fright! Once again it was put outside but reappeared only moments later on Shuhei's bed to make him jump from his sleep! We decided to give up and Shuhei fell asleep with some company for warmth.

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