Looking for Getaway Places in Mongolia?

There are many getaway places in Mongolia. You just need plenty of time to visit them all in Mongolia. The most visited by visitors and tourists, as well as local people is Khuvsgul or Khovsgol.

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Khuvsgul lake pictures

khuvsgul lake of mongolia

khuvsgol lake in mongolia

This is a fresh water lake surrounded with beautiful forests. The water is so fresh that you can see the fish deep in several meters as if though you can reach them by hands. The forests are inhabited by the Tsaatan people and by wild animals.

hovsgol lake in mongoli

In the land 2.3 times the size of Texas you can surely find your favorites and may fall in love with them! We hope you will keep coming back virtually or in person to refresh your memories of getaway places in Mongolia.

What makes Mongolia to be rightfully called the lost country? Great Gobi desert famous of its' fossils and skeletal remains of dinosaurs and singing dunes. Endless steppes where you can meet the sunrise face-to-face.

bayanzag in gobi desert

gobi tourist camp
gobi landscape

ancient ruins in the gob

A writer and journalist, Jane Blunden, puts it..."Magnificent snow covered peaks and beautiful lakes...totally different world of rare and endangered animal species and plant life". So be prepared to walk safely in wild and enjoy fly fishing, horse or camel ride, hiking, trekking and hunting.

mongolia west

mongolia ulaangom
mongolia uvs

mongolian nomad

You can indeed forget the noise of modern civilization where the nature and the people were coexisting in perfect harmony from very beginning of its' existence. You will be amazed to see simple but not savage nomads' lifestyle in this high tech age.

You will feel lost and like you were taken back through the centuries. But do not worry, you will be fine with the best comprehensive guide Lonely Planet Mongolia. I highly recommend this little book. Every one traveling to Mongolia should have it.

You will meet the people who have been living nomadic lifestyle for long long time. You will find yourself of becoming part of their family even you spent with them a few days or even hours. Go from Getaway places in Mongolia to our homepage.

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