Gobi-Altai province of Mongolia has 18 sub-provinces, called, soum and 83 smallest administrative division called bag. The population of this massive land is approximately 55 thousand of which close to 16,000 live in the capital town of Altai. The gender ratio is male 49,2 to female 50,8.

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The highest point of Altai Mountains is the great Bogd Mountain, the height of which is 3957 meters. This is one of the most challenging ski-attraction in Mongolia. There is no resort except some tour operators plan chartered tips during winter season. Watch this video but I am not sure if it is in Altai.

A wide desert-like depression named Altai Uvur Gobi continues southward of the Gobi Altai Mountain and it gradually changes to the stony desert zone with dark-coloured desert scraps and stone surface.

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