Gobi Desert - Baga Gazriin Chuluu

by Biedjee

The main stop of today in Gobi Desert was a series of rock formations called Baga Gazarya Chuuluu, which you could loosely translate as 'Lucky Luke desert'. Again, the surroundings could be compared to the deserts in the US, and the granite rocks with the yellow sandy plains in the distance reminded me of the cartoons of Lucky Luke.

It is also the site where two Buddhist monks lived in exile for years, leaving religious texts on some of the walls. We didn't find their graffiti, but we did see the remains of the house they built in the little gorge between the rock formations. The ovoo (rock built stupas) found on everywhere in the area implicated that pretty much every boulder in the area is sacred.

The family we stayed at lived in a true shit location. And I don't mean their ger camp was shit, no the location was shit. Literally... covered with shit. Everywhere you looked there were dried goat and sheep droppings, which rustled under your feet as you walked around.
The family was extremely nice though, and once again the surroundings of their home were beautiful.

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