Gobi Desert in 12 days.

by Dasha Kruchkoff

A Ger in the Desert at Sunrise

A Ger in the Desert at Sunrise

The Gobi. The Desert.

Open a Pandora's box of contrasts.

Total journey distance 2,200km. Total days tires popped = 5.

Imagine baron fields. Gazelle's leaping gracefully over a distant hill. Camels, sheep, yak, horses and goats running wild together. Or some belonging to the nomads conveniently standing on the road in front of where your car is about to drive.

The smell of flowers with a mint like fragrance,Gotov our guide cooking another emaculate dish and the musty smell of a Ger. Spectacularly beautiful jagged mountains, gushing waterfalls and frozen ice lake canals. Young girls chasing goats and sheep, and not too far off vultures circling their prey. Somewhere along the way a jeep or Russian army van pops it's tyre and a young woman appears over the vast horizon out of nowhere it seems face all covered, carrying a baby in her arms. Yet there is moisture in the air and rainbows in the sky after the rain comes.

A ger in the distance reminds you your not alone. Rain in the desert? The sand dunes sing and you fall in love with their vast landscape. Camel riding and swimming in an illegal lake

In front of you nothing but dirt road, gers and barren landscape dotted the view ahead. A lake created by mass torrential rain) with camel dung infested water.
Sain bainoo (Hello in Mongolian)!

Read more about my travel in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia via: http://www.travelblog.org/Asia/Mongolia/Gobi-Desert/blog-296563.html

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