Gobi Nature Reserve Yolyn am and Eagle Valley

by Solongo

Gobi Nature Reserve - Yolyn Ice

Gobi Nature Reserve - Yolyn Ice

Gobi Nature Reserve - Yolyn am and Eagle Valley. On the Eastern side of the Gurvan Saikhan mountains there is a place called Eagle Valley (in Mongolian language Yolyn am, in correct German "Geierschlucht"). It is located in Gurvan saikhan mountains.

The mountains are located in the central part of Onmogobi province and goes from West to Southeastern direction. The highest point of the Eastern part is Mount Tahilgat (2846m), of the middle part - Erdenetsogt (2824m), and Western part - Bogd (2511m).

It is surrounded by rock formations as high as 2600m above the see level. The valley is located within Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park.Yolyn Am is found in the Zuun Saikhanii Nuruu (the Eastern Beauty) subrange of the Gurvan Saikhan Mountains.

The area, as part of Gobi Nature Reserve, sees little precipitation. However, Yolyn Am is notable for a deep ice field. The ice field reaches several meters thick by the end of winter, and is several kilometers long. In past years it remained year round, but the modern ice field tends to disappear by September.

During the winter the small spring in the valley freezes, but during the summer due to the lack of sun locked by surrounding rocks the spring barely flows. The local legend says that in ancient times an old noble decided to marry a beautiful young woman.

However, she was in love with a young man and in order to part them the old noble sent the young man to Eagle valley to hunt down young eaglets. When young man went down to the valley, the old noble cut the robes using which the young man went down and left the young man die. Then the old noble brought the young woman to his house.

But before the wedding ceremony the young woman managed to run away and threw herself from the rocks surrounding the Eagle valley. Since then the place is called Eagle valley and rocks that surround the valley Okhiny hutul, meaning the young girls mount.

Gobi Nature Reserve - Yolyn am and Eagle Valley

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