Greetings in Mongolian

Learn to greet in Mongolian language. The words of greetings in Mongolian language are: sain baina uu, sain uu, or sain baina uu, ta etc. To say Hello in a formal way is Sain baina uu?

Usually, you offer your hand in handshake. Younger people bow little bit and use their left hand under the right elbow (this is more of Asian culture). In modern Mongolia, young people do not bow or do the latter. In fact, men do not initiate handshake with ladies, only if lady offer her hand first, the man can shake but Mongolian men do not grab and kiss. That is not Mongolian culture, kkk!

To show reverence add 'ta' - Sain baina uu, ta?

"Ta" simply means YOU. However in English it does not specify the age when in Mongolian language it addresses to someone older than you in age or in position. People may address you as "ta" to show their reverence even though you are younger. But men usually do not show this to younger women because it could be taken as an insult "are you saying I look older than you?".

Response: Sain, sain baina uu!

To greet you buddy or people whom you meet frequently, say: Sain u? is equivalent to Hi!

Respond with "Sain, sain uu?"

Mongolians seldom use the good morning, good afternoon, good evening in everyday conversations. These phrases are used in more of business or office, or public environment.

Good morning = Ugluunii mend!

Good afternoon = Udriin mend

Good evening = Oroin mend!

However, 'good night' is frequently used in a family setting. I say it to my children. But I do not say: Good morning! I say "Saihan amarsn uu?" which how did you sleep, was it good?

Good night = Saihan amraarai which literally means Have a good rest.

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