Help in Mongolian

If you ever need some phrases of help in Mongolian language regarding your health, here they are. Hopefully, you will not use these phrases ever during your visit to Mongolia. Be prepared that everybody will offer you 'traditional' non-western ways to cure your maladies. Some, actually work but many methods associated with superstition actually work against it. Beware! 

By the way, if you have not got this little phrasebook, you need to. Here is the amazon link. This is very convenient small pocket sized book, easy to carry around and learn. Plus, you can hear me going over Mongolian phrases to help you with pronunciation. Trust me, you will not regret it. 

I am not feeling well - Миний бие муу байна.

My friend is not feeling well - Миний нөхрийн бие муу байна.

Can you send for a doctor? - Эмчид хүн явуул.

We need English speaking doctor - Бидэнд анлиар ярьдаг эмч хэрэгтэй байна.

Help in Mongolian videos

I would like to be examined by a female doctor - Би эмэгтэй эмчээр үзүүлмээр байна.

Where is the doctor? - Эмч хаана байна вэ?

Where is the hospital? - Эмнэлэг хаана байна вэ?

Where is the pharmacy? - Эмийн сан хаана байна вэ?

The following are few phrases about your allergies. It would be very handful to be able to say them in Mongolian. If you have an allergy to the dust particles, you may have a hard time in Mongolia during dry season which falls between March and June, the worst is in April. 

In some places, you may encounter all types of weeds. They cause quite an allergic reactions in some people. Also, if you are traveling in early or mid summer, the capital city has this trees blossoming and extracting the cotton like seeds. Sometime, it is so heavy that it looks like a snowfall. Trust even local people suffer from them as well. 

Again, I really do hope that you will not have to use these phrases in your visit to Mongolia. Sometimes, as you may know life happens, even the little things can ruin your precious once-in-lifetime experience in the land of Blue Skies which is most likely a very expensive trip. It is much better to be prepared. Practice these phrases of help in Mongolian before you travel to Mongolia so that when you need them, they will come out naturally. 

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