Hoover Dam in Mongolia

by XuJia

Mukhart - Hoover Dam of Mongolia

Mukhart - Hoover Dam of Mongolia

Mukhart is part of the huge Mongol Els (sand dune). It's unique coned shaped looks particularly like the Hoover Dam in Nevada (USA), I was told. A river runs from the foot of the "dam" and meanders through the sand dunes forming an oasis. After we have settled our camps by the Mukhart River, we hiked to the top of the "dam", which I think is more than twelve story high. The hike was tiring as we have to use more energy to pull each sunken step from the desert sand. When we reached the top of the "dam", the scenery was spectacular. From there, we slided down, some of us superman style, to the oasis below. It was really fun. The water at the bottom was cool. We then walked out of the "dam" along the river where the water is shallow, towards our campsite. It was almost dark when we finally reached our campsite.

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