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Hotels in Ulaanbaatar are vary in their prices and services like day and night. As the number of tourists grow each year the demand for hotels are growing faster than actual supply. So does good competent hotel services. The good news is more and more hotels are being built but again many of them do not market well outside of the country. If you are an independent traveler, one thing you need is good hotel referrals from your trusted people.

As of 2015, the capital city of Mongolia became more like the hotel capital, kkk. Seriously, there are too many overpriced hotels in every corner. In my opinion, even the top-end hotels do not still match their services for the prices they charge. So do mid-range hotels most of which lack of quality services like breakfast, cleanliness etc. Again, if you are looking to save on hotels, guesthouses are the best choice.

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Top-end and mid-range hotels have expensive luxury rooms too. Most importantly, their staff speak sufficient English which many budget and some mid-range hotels lack. And they include breakfast, yes, this is worth because I remember I used to run around Ulaanbaatar for decent eatery in the morning.

Only few top-end hotels are online but some fall short of keeping their promises as advertised online. The top-end hotels are Ulaanbaatar hotel, Bayan Gol Hotel, Chinggis Khaan Hotel, Puma Imperial Hotel, Continental Hotel. They have been longer in the business and have best locations at the center of Ulaanbaatar.

The mid-range hotels are Mika Hotel, Edelweiss Hotel, Flower Hotel, Narantuul Hotel, Tuushin Hotel, Evergreen Hotel, Zaluuchuud Hotel, Bishrelt Plaza Hotel, Khan Palace, Palace Hotel, White House Hotel, Gobi hotels are located what we call in the second zone in Ulaanbaatar.The advantage is that you can walk to many tourist sites and shops from these hotels.

There are too many budget hotels in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. Just to name a few: Namuun Hotel, Temuujin Hotel, Chinggis Khaan Backpackers Hostel, Ulaanbaatar Youth Hostel. These are convenient for overnight stay in Ulaanbaatar before you leave for countryside.

I highly recommend mid-range and top-end hotels after you come from your trips in the outbacks of Mongolia because you need to rest well before you leave the country. These hotels may be full of wild parties all night. Overall, the hotels in Ulaanbaatar are getting more and more competent in providing excellent service.