How cold it gets in Mongolia?

Mongolian cold weather

Mongolian cold weather

Mongolian cold weather
Mongolian winter clothing
Snow storm in Mongolia
Mongolia snow storm

People usually ask - how cold it gets in Mongolia? and when it is answered -20 to -30, they go -wow! Mongolian winter is very very cold and it lasts from November to March.

First snow usually falls in mid September but the snow stays since late October. The coldest moths are December and January. The average temperature is 20 below Celsius during the days and it can fall to -50 in certain parts of the country.

Mongols are accustomed to this cold weather and the life will continue on as usual till disasters like 'zud' strike. Zud is a severe cold when livestock is endangered to freeze. Usually, it is caused by heavy snow but sometimes it can occur without the snow.

Do you know how cold it gets in Mongolia?

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