In Search of Genghis Khan

by Tim Baker

In search of Genghis Khan

In search of Genghis Khan

For example, no-one apparently has found the remains or tomb of Temujin, better known as Genghis Khan, (1162- 1227) the legendary Mongol empire builder. This surely could be a task for at least some desk research, if not an expedition to garner some treasure, at least in the form of his DNA.

A decade or two ago a Japanese-Mongolian expedition called the Gurvan Gol sought his grave~ using the latest technology (then) and this was funded by a Japanese newspaper.

Tim Severin the famous travel writer has covered this story very well, but it is time it was re-visited. Now methinks Ikea’s founder could do the same, to reflect the function of the company of providing aids and props for our all too short time on this earth which are fit for the purposes we expect of them.

Here follow some pictures of the Mongolian answer to creating a world in which we can survive and maybe even flourish. To read full article, go to

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