Inhabitants of Gobi Desert

by Beidjee

Inhabitants of Gobi Desert

Inhabitants of Gobi Desert

Inhabitants of Gobi Desert

You will not see the inhabitants of Gobi Desert right away. You will have open your eyes to see them, especially reptiles.

They are hiding under the sand, bushes and often camouflaged with the background. It is their instinct for survival. Do not blame them for being shy!

You will always see camels but they are not many. Two humped camels are only found in Gobi Desert are domesticated. One humped camels are wild.

You will also see both wild and domestic sheep and goats. Sometimes, you will get bumped into desert wolves, they are much smaller and lone rangers.

You will be lucky if, but almost impossible to detect Gobi bears and snow leopards. They are indeed in danger of extinction. In mountains you will see eagles.

If you see 'gobi pirates', run, run, run for your life! Just kidding, they are actors during the filming.

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