Introductions in Mongolian

Introductions in Mongolian language are easy and maybe filled with lots of laughter. After the initial greetings, your Mongolian acquaintance will immediately ask your name. Be prepared because they will probably say it fast assuming you speak the Mongolian.

It will be be something along these lines:

Таны нэр хэн бэ? = Taniig her hen be? or

Таныг хэн гэдэг вэ? = Taniig hen gedeg ve?

You can say in two ways: My name is .... .

Миний нэрийг ..... . = Minii neriig .... .


Намайг ....... гэдэг = Namaig ..... gedeg.

Ask their name too while you still have the question fresh in your memory. Usually Mongolians will say their first name only or some may say their last and first name. Do not worry if you cannot catch it. They are usually pretty long. But you can go on address by their first name.

Then usually they will ask your whereabouts:

Та хаанаас ирсэн бэ? = Ta haanaas irsen be? Where did you come from?,


Та ямар улсаас ирсэн бэ? = Ta yamar ulsaas irsen be? What country are you from?

Reply directly: Би .....-с ирсэн. Bi ....-s irsen. I came from ..... (just name your country).

Do not be surprised if you are asked how old you are! Do not take it personally, they will ask men and women alike because many foreigners do look much younger than their age. The will compliment you with exclamations oooh or aaah.

Om the other hand, some teens from the west may look very mature compared to their peers in Mongolia. In this case, they will also compliment how mature you are, something like... he or she looks so mature like an adult while making remarks that Mongolians of same age look small.

In order to say your age, you have to know the numbers. You can go to from Introductions in Mongolian to Numbers.

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