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Khuvsgul travel Mongolia is the best of tourist sites Mongolia has to offer to adventurous naturalists. Khuvsgul is largest fresh water lake of Mongolia, located in Northern part of the country. It is believed that Khvsgul Lake contains two thirds of Mongolia's fresh water.

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It covers 2,760 square kilometers in surface, 136 km long and 36 km wide, and 262 meters deep. It is the second largest lake in Mongolia after Uvs which locates in western Mongolia.

The waters are full of fish and surrounded by high mountains covered with forests inhabited by wild animals such as bears, sables, moose, ibex and wild sheep. These forests make home for domesticated yaks and reindeers along with the people of Darkhad, Buriat and Tsaatan.

khuvsgul lake in mongoli
take khuvsgul cruise boat

Suggested things to do in Khuvsgul Lake

  • Ride the big boat or small one just to experience the breeze and the waters
  • Eat authentic Mongolian bbq- buy a sheep or goat and let your guides to barbeque it for you
  • Camp or stay in tourist camps around the lake
  • Hike - into the deep forest but alone though
  • Horse ride - trek the surrounding mountains on horseback
  • Experience Tsaatan people's lifestyle aka Reindeer people

camping near khuvsgul lak
tsaatan people aka reindeer people

You can fish and swim but we must warn you, the water is very cold. When we were there in the middle of July, that it the highest hit of the year, in 30-35 above Celsius the water was still icy cold. Nobody dare to jump to get refreshed after being heated by scorching sun.

Hiking is non-negotiable must thing to do. It will take your breath away with awesome sceneries and fresh air. You are going to love it. Horseback trekking is the alternative choice for those who are a bit lazy and tired but do not want to miss the beauty of the nature and fresh air not to mention the opportunities to meet the local people and their well preserved culture and lifestyle. Khuvsgul travel Mongolia is your best guide.

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