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I did not know that Mongolia is the world's nineteenth-largest country after Iran and it is significantly larger than the next-largest country. I know for Mongolia is 2,3 times larger than second largest state of USA. The land covers 1,564,116 km² or 603,909 mi². Need the physical map of Mongolia?

As you can see in the political map of Mongolia, the country is landlocked and borders only with Russia and China.

Physical map of Mongolia shows that roughly one thirds is considered a desert, Gobi Desert. This is very least populated area in Mongolia. This is where the famous guy Roy Chapman first discovered dinosaur fossils.

Himalayan mountain chains go through from North-West to South-East along the borders of the country and end in South Gobi. The most visited tourist site of the Gobi is Gurvan Saikhan Uul if translated literally Three Beautiful Mountains. When I was there in July when it was almost 40 C, there was still thick layer of ice. In the valley one can observe the mountain was split in half.

The highest peak in Mongolia is 4,374 meters above sea level called Khuiten or Cold Peak in Tavan Bogd mountain range. This is where current Mongolian president Enkhbayar and others went for hiking. The lowest is 700 meters, imagine the high altitude, everywhere you go drink plenty of water.

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