Mongol Rally Preparations

by Kevin Graff
(Ottawa, Canada)

Our van!

Our van!

Our van!
Our team!
Our plan!

Well here we are, 28 days, exactly 4 weeks until Jake, Kevin, Simon and Steph embark on a plane to London, England to start the 2011 Mongol Rally!

Our team, Canadian Bacon!, has a van waiting to whisk us away to the far unknown(to us, anyway) Mongolia! We have 1/5 visas for the trip and are working on chipping away at the other 4 at breakneck speeds only embassies are capable of...

Our Russian visa expires on the 26th of August, and we are shooting for arrival in Ulaan Baatar on September 3rd, which gives us a full week to explore and learn about all the great things we have read and seen in videos about Mongolia.

Eagerly looking forward,

-Canadian Bacon!

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