Mongol Yurt

by TK

Mongol ger wood

Mongol ger wood

Mongol ger wood
Mongol Yurt deco
Mongol Yurt design
Mongol nomadic dwelling

Mongol Yurt - is the only nomadic dwelling that Mongols were living in from ancient times even to this day. It was designed for nomadic lifestyle, easy to assemble and dissemble.

The main structure and materials did not changed much but the design evolved over the centuries reflecting their contemporary cultures.

Mongol yurts have slight variations in size and shape. For example, in Western Mongolia yurts are much bigger in width and have higher tops which are reflected in their ethnic clothing, especially, in hats.

The size, the neatness and the decors will reflect of dwellers social status and well being. The maids live in much smaller yurts. There were yurts for guests and for extra storage.

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