Mongol Movies

You can find mongol movies on youtube and other video sites. Most of them are junk and not worth of your time. I have watched Mongol: The Early Years of Genghis Khan, not bad but a bit dramatized.

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I do not recall any facts that Genghis was captured in China and was kept in prison while his wife having two kids from another man rescues him. That is nonsense.

The history says otherwise that his wife was captured by Merkits while she was pregnant with their first child, and Temuujin rescues her with the help of his childhood friend, Jamuha.

Genghis names his first son Zuchi, meaning guest, indicating that he may have believed that her wife conceived a child in the captivity. This is supported by the fact that Genghis appoints his third son as heir over his kingdom.

There couple of others that I would recommend to the fans of Genghis Khan Eternal Emperor: Genghis Khan and Genghis Khan ~ Rise of the Conqueror.

I found a documentary about Genghis Khan, it is divided into 6 sections due to size limit says the guy who uploaded the movie. This one is based on historic facts widely circulated in the west.

Anyway, thanks to Ken for making this documentary available. My friend, Kathy, from Colorado Springs told me that the movies were addicting, especially, if you read Weatherford's books Genghis Khan and the Making of the modern World and The Secret History of the Mongol Queens which are in our Bookstore.

I have watched another one couple of times but it has 30 serials made in Inner Mongolia but prohibited in China. I hear that movie was much more accurate to the historic sources.

I do not know how but there are full lenth good movies on YouTube.

Mongol Movies will be updated...