Mongol Dwelling
In Twenty First Century

Mongol dwelling place called called ger. You may have seen yurt pictures. I lived in a ger till I was 16. Nomadic dwelling is a round shaped custom made tent suitable for nomadic lifestyle though I lived in the capital city.

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Ulaanbaatar still have large "ger" districts because nomads keep moving in. It is not really designed for city lifestyle but many do not have choice. One, they love it, two it is very cheap.

mongol dweliing

mongol ger structure

Mongol nomads can put up their ger in less than an hour but for us in the cities it takes much longer. The reason we are not moving as often as nomads do, we just have to do it twice a year.

Once when we put on more felt layers for winter and again when we put off those for summer. The felt are made by the families during summer from the wool of their livestock.

mongol yur

It is easy to assemble and very light and compact to carry along with. No wander it has been used by Mongols for thousands of years with little change. I believe it is because of perfect design that fit the needs of nomads.

The frame is made of wood and coverings of felt. Imagine, everything in it was made by hands. Even though it looks primitive but the design is genius. It has ventilation, the air flow is meant to keep the temperature inside normal during the hot summer. At the same time it has good insulation that keeps the dwellers warm in cold winter.

assembing mongolian yurt

mongolian nomads yurts

Mongol dwelling place provides warm environment for the whole family. Even though it is single room dwelling place, most of the families can afford extra gers for grown ups and guests. Also, these extra gers are used as storage rooms for family belongings and even for newborn cattle. The newly weds must built their own ger as a sign of new life.

Living in gers in close community develops tight relationships between families and close relatives. Specially, living in nature requires the interdependence of all family ties in order to survive hard games of wild nature. It requires them to be hospitable to any strangers because they can be strangers anytime while herding after their livestock.

You too are very welcomed by nomads, specially, in rural areas. But do not take advantage of their generous hospitality. Though you are not expected to pay in remote places but the gifts are highly appreciated, you can never outgive their hospitality. I hope you enjoyed the information about mongol dwelling.

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