Jan 26, 2016

I Love Mongolian People.

I love and dream to live in Mongolia...

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Dec 20, 2014

Mongolia Destinations that every visitor must know

General info on Mongolia Destinations top rated, well ridden, crowded or least known.

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Dec 11, 2014

Mongol Deel

A Mongol deel is the traditional clothing commonly worn for many centuries among the Mongols and other nomadic tribes of Central Asia, including various

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Nov 29, 2014

Mongolian nature

Mongolian nature At 1,564,116 km², Mongolia is the world's nineteenth-largest country. It is significantly larger than the next-largest country, Peru.

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Nov 29, 2014

Travelling to the Gobi

Spectacular South Gobi in the perilous Mongolian winter Traveling to the Gobi may appear to be a reasonable option outside of the Mongolian summer. After

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Nov 29, 2014

Mongolian Countryside

Into the Mongolian Countryside Considering that 50% of the population of Mongolia still lead a nomadic life, I was really looking forward to my first

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Nov 29, 2014

Nature travels in Mongolia

Nature travels in Mongolia Ulaanbaatar, /MONTSAME/ Paris-New-York transcontinental 2009 world tour team has arrived in Ulaanbaatar on special motor vehicles

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