Mongolia Blogs

Mongolia blogs page is dedicated for those who do write and blog on Mongolia regularly. There are quite a few blogs on Mongolia out there but many of them have limited exposure and visibility on the crowded internet.

Hi, I am T. K. and I am the head eagle hunter of my tribe, just kidding! Connect with me on FB and leave  your comments, questions etc.

I have come across several good Mongolian blogs but they are actually limited to their families and close circle of friends. They are invisible and people who are interested really have to spend good amount of time in order to dig them out.

By the way, it is free and currently open to anyone who would like to post your blogs in a website that is solely dedicated to Mongolia. This means you will have more readers.

Later, blogs will classified as travel, news, history etc. For now, enjoy our first blogger, Tara Munch on Mongolia Blogs.