Mongolia Child Abuse

Mongolia Child Abuse

Metropolitan officers investigating child labor and sex abuse

Preliminary results from research conducted by the Metropolitan Governor’s Office indicate that 146 children work illegally under difficult conditions at Narantuul Market, also known as The Black Market, in eastern Ulaanbaatar.

According to the office’s report, these children, aged 14-18, perform physically demanding tasks at the market, often working 12 hours for Tg5,000-8,000 per day.

Most of the youths employed at Narantuul transport, load, and unload carts full of goods, while others guard or wash cars; they spend their wages on food for their families, one officer said.

The Metropolitan Governor’s Office is examining child labor practices at 205 sites around Ulaanbaatar, including saunas, car washes, pubs, nightclubs, hotels, and factories—officers are also looking at 12 markets and 22 mining operations.

Almost every industry employs children for low wages, one official said, however, the exact numbers of illegal underage workers will remain uncertain until the conclusion of the research.

Officers are also trying to discover information about the prevalence of child sex abuse in the city, but have been unable to collect any information. Some fear that rather than demonstrating a reduction in abuse, the lack of data indicates abusive practices have become better hidden and organized. Officials are currently pursing leads in Bayangol District concerning these kinds of crimes.

by B.Bulgamaa

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Feb 14, 2012
Pld find this child and take from the mother to save life
by: Anonymous

By tsomo
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Today at 9:03 pm
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sorry when i saying about that. when my daughter did really wrong thing i beat only her leg below knees by wooden strip. people said it is very good way to teach them something. but now i realized as my understanding it is no good way maybe it is a cause Ps. my daughter was born perfect but now affected. she maybe shocked during hurt her leg.

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