Mongolia health facts

Mongolian young mother

Mongolian young mother

Mongolia health facts

Mongolia health facts : the number of live births in 2008 reached at 63.3 thous. but the number of mothers delivered child was 63.1 thous. showing an increase by 13.4 percent or 7.5 thous. compared to the 2007.

The annual Socio-Economic Guidelines Mongolia has stated a target to reduce infant mortality rate per 1000 live births is as 18, child mortality under 5 will decline to 24 and maternal mortality rate 100 000 live births will reach to 69. In 2008, the maternal mortality ratio per 100000 live births was 49 and under five mortality 23 was the target of this year.

In 2008, the infant mortality per 1000 live births was 20 showing an increase 2 point so it is not reached target of Socio-Economic Guidelines Mongolia in 2008. But under five mortality per 1000 live births a decrease 1 point compared to the 2007. The infant mortality rate under the age of /1 per 1000 live births/ was higher than the national average in Uvurkhangai, Dornogovi, Govisumber, Arkhangai, Khentii, Bayankhongor, Khuvsgul, Govi-Altai, Umnugovi, Sukhbaatar, Uvs and Zavkhan aimags.

Mongolia health facts: the maternal mortality was 31, a decreased by 38.0 percent or 19 mothers compared to the 2007, this is was positive effect. But the number of the under five mortality was 1.5 thous. An increases by 20.2 percent or 249 children compared to the 2007. The number of infectious diseases was 43.8 thous. showing an
increases by 6.6 percent or 2.7 thous. persons compared to the 2007. The numbers of infectious diseases per 10 000 people were 163. This shows increase by 7 persons compared to the 2007.

Mongolia health facts : the infectious diseases was higher than the national average in Dornod, Sukhbaatar, Govisumber, Khuvsgul, Dornogovi, Khentii, Bulgan, Govi-Altai aimags and capital. To be specific the number of persons infected syphilis increased by 50.6 percent, trichomoniasis by 49.5 percent, gonococcal infection by 34.8 percent, viral hepatitis by 3.7 percent, and varicella by 1.8 persent.

The number of persons infected tuberculosis declined by 3.2 percent and shillelaghs by 1.9 percent, respectively. The viral hepatitis was spread by volatile, especially children of kindergarten and school age. The number of infectious viral hepatitis “A” was 89.4 percent in total number of infectious viral hepatitis. In 2008, total number of hand, foot, and month disease (interovirus) were 3.2 thous. showing a diagnosis. In the 2008 HIV/ AIDS of 13 cases registered and now national level have of 49 cases on HIV/AIDS.

2008 Mongolia health facts: total numbers of deaths were 15.0 thous. showing by 26.4 percent or 4.0 thous. persons of total deaths was registered in the hospital. In the hospital 638.4 thous. Persons took treatment. The private hospitals served 908.0 thous. persons and 8.3 billion tugrug service. The number of persons served as hospital decreased by 7.1 percent and payment of service increased by 32.8 percent compared to the 2007.

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