Mongolia Khentii Delgerkhaan

by burentegsh
(ulaaanbaatar mongolia)

Mongolia blue sky

Mongolia blue sky

Mongolia blue sky
Mongolia, Delgerkhaan
Mongolia, Khentii sunset
Mongolian horses, Delgerkhaan

This little province is situated near the province DELGERKHAAN in Khentii aimakh. But Mongolians know this land by name AVARGA TOSON. The province has a good source of mineral water that can treat some pains in human body especially for human skin, stomach and liver. The province has not only mineral water but also has mud for treatment. There are 3 kinds of the mud one( yellow ) of them for human neck, another( grey ) of them for skin and the other is for human articulation. This is just a little part of the province in the photo. I hope you enjoy it :D

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Feb 23, 2015
i am definitely going to mongolia
by: holy

Now this is what I want to go to Mongolia. The vast area of nothingness is something that anyone would want. This is one place where I would want to go to, and empty my mind. This is awesome.

Apr 05, 2011
Mongolia weather with magic clouds
by: Anonymous

The Mongolia weather must be magic with clouds like that. They remind Tenerife North which is so far from the Mongolian prairie.

However, Mongolia is such a vast country, where it may rain in one part, while sun strikes the other. The same could happen on the biggest Canary Island. So much to Mongolia weather surprises. They are never to forget, no doubt.

Packing up and going to chase the fabulous clouds may be an option. Not just for wild horses but also for men without beast...

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