Mongolia Natural Resources

Mongolia Natural Resources

MP Batj.Batbayar’s son B.Batkhishig acquired 15 licenses in the phosphor deposit area. B.Bayarmaa, Leader of “Khuvsgul Ocean Owners” movement, local movement which is opposes this ownership, has her words.

Q: Local people demonstrated against Burenkhaan phosphor deposit exploitation. But its licenses were issued. How many companies own this deposit licenses?
A: NGOs of Khuvsgul aimag made monitoring in companies which acquired mining and exploration licenses in its territory. Last year 40 mining licenses and this year 290 exploration licenses were issued. Within a year, so many companies took exploration licenses. 119 licenses in Burentogtokh soum, 77 in Alag-Erdene, 45 in Arbulag and 49 in Tunel soum were issued.

As for today, the biggest numbers of exploration licenses in Burenkhaan deposit were acquired by “Talstmargad” LLC. This company is owned by Mr. B.Batkhishig, a son of MP Batj.Batbayar, the Head of the Standing Committee on Environment, Food and Agriculture.

Local people demonstrated against it and cancelled 3 of these 15 licenses. Therefore, we urge the related authority to examine this issue.

Q: How many hectare of land was owned by the exploration companies?
A: Totally, 166789.8 hectare. If this field is excavated disorderly, Khuvsgul Lake, 14th in the world with its pure water reserve, will face extinction. Because, many mining companies never do the environmental recovery works. We are not for demonstration and opposition. The most importantly, we want that the Government can make more income and profit with Khusgul Lake area and its environment than mining projects. Actually, Khuvsgul region and its ecological structure can attract more income and profit than its resource under the ground.

Q: Have you approached to the administration? What was the result?
A: We met with the candidates for the parliamentary election. They promised to take measure along this issue if they would be elected. We sent a official letter to M Bayartsaikhan and MP Batj.Batbayar regarding this issue, last September 30. We received any reply.

Mongolia Natural Resources

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Aug 08, 2010
natural resources
by: Anonymous

What are the natural resources that mongolia have also its main resource(in bullet form please)

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