Mongolia Population

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Mongolia Population

Mongolia Population

Mongolia counts its livestock every year, but does the first time since 2000. In year 2000, the Mongolia population was 2,372,493. Between 1989-2000, the population growth rate was 1.4%.

The numbers of Civil Registration Center and National Statistics Committee has difference. One says 2.5 million and another says 2.7 million. It is also unclear that how much of the population is living in Ulaanbaatar.

The Government of Mongolia schedules counting “Population – Housing counting”. According to UN advice, the housing counting must be carried out every 10 years. The counting cost is 4 US$ per person. This number is 3-4 US$ in developing countries and 15-42 US$ in developed countries.

Also test counting is planned and 11 thousand families or 2% of population will be covered. The counting will start January 10 2010 and will finish January 17 2008.
According to the prognosis study of the population, made in 2002, the Mongolia population will reach 3,23 million in 2025. It was predicted that the Mongolia population would be 2,741,774 in 2010.

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