Mongolia White Lake and Khorgo Volcano

by Philip Deaton
(Harrogate, England, UK)

White Lake - Central Mongolia

White Lake - Central Mongolia

White Lake - Central Mongolia
Mongolian volcano Khorgo summer view
Mongolian volcano crater
Mongolia White Lake summer

Mongolia attraction: White Lake and Khorgo Volcano

We awoke just after 9 on Day 4 and Ed was straight into action, cooking up a full English breakfast of Bacon, Eggs, Mushrooms, Beans, Fried Tomato and Bread. I was having more English food in the middle of nowhere, than i had done in any other part of my trip! This really set us up for the day, and just after finishing, we saw our horses approaching on the horizon.

Next step was getting fitted up into some traditional Mongolian costumes, to protect us against the cold. Even though the sun was shining, we were warned about the weather around the lake. I managed to wrangle one of the better horses, as i had ridden before and this soon showed, as most of the other horses chose to stand still, or in Harry's case, wander up a hill towards nothingness!

After a little persuasion and a sharp thorn bush (used by our guide), the horses were all on the move, through the beautiful countryside. After an hours gentle riding, we arrived at white lake, with a herd of yaks to greet us. It was a really scenic spot, but we couldn't hang around too long, as the wind made the temperatures drop well below freezing.

After the vistas of the Lake, we trotted on to Khorgo Volcano, which was clearly distinguishable against the other mountains. By this stage, Julia's horse had
taken a clear disliking to mine and other than several (failed) attempts to bite my horse, it would also not stop continually passing wind in our direction! It was the perfect excuse to spend an hour or two apart :)

The horses were tied near the bottom of the volcano and we set off on foot to climb the few hundred meters above us. We reached a small crater, which had me wondering what all the fuss was about, before Harry summoned us up a short distance further.

From there i understood, the crater was huge! Unfortunately it meant i couldn't get a decent photo of the whole site, although its stored in my personal memory bank :)

Attractions visited, we decided to put our horses to the test on the way back, with Mr Lee leading the way, speeding off into the distance. Our horses seemed to sense the end was near and were more than willing to break into a trot, followed by a full on gallop. Back at our ger, Mr Lee decided he had not had enough action for one day and began wresting the local Mongolians!

Tea was served, unfortunately dumplings again, although delicious and home cooked for once, before Ed prepared a Spanish omelets for the following day. A couple of glasses of beer whilst looking at the stars and we were all ready for bed.

Must see Mongolia White Lake and Khorgo Volcano

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