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Mongolia Book Reviews exclusively for our readers. Recently, quite a few writers and scholars started writing about Mongolia, its' ancient history related to Genghis Khan.

There are several Travel Guide books on Mongolia. Please, share if you used those books when you visited Mongolia.

Were they helpful and up do date? Do our visitors need to buy one? Which one would you recommend?

I have Lonely Planet and the Bradt travel guide for Mongolia. Lonely Planet is constantly updates their guides including for Mongolia.

To be continued...

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Temujin's Bow 
Reviews of my newly released e book are below; Ben Wilson, editor, "awesome story...can I have more?....can't wait for the next one!" In James Albert’s …

"Temujin's Bow"-Historical Fiction set in Mongolia Not rated yet
Temujin's Bow is to be released as an ebook on June 5th. It is the story of a beautiful English paleontologist's discovery of an ancient Mongol boy's bow. …

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