Mongolia Costume for Men

Have you ever seen Mongolia Costume for Men and Women? Each year during the Naadam Festival, Mongolia celebrates its national identity by wearing traditional costumes for a whole day. It is called Дээлтэй Монгол Наадам literally meaning Mongolian Naadam in traditional costumes.

Many wear throughout the Naadam celebrations which lasts for 5 business days excluding the weekends. However, the spirit will go on for weeks. Men, women and children of all ages wear the latest and newest outfits to pose for the pictures in the public square in front of the Parliament House. Sometimes they will organize processions or parade.

The variety of these costumes are only limited by the imagination of their designers. It is a perfect opportunity for National producers to advertize their works. Usually, entry level models and students wear the costumes for display. Each costume design attempts to show some elements of particular ethnic background, social status, age and gender. They are usually very colorful and the materials range from thin silk to all the way to full cotton. The costume comprise of head wear, tunic or robe, and foot wear.

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Besides wearing their ethnic traditional costumes, men carry snuff bottles in fancy pouches, some still carry old fashioned long pipes with lighters and of cause every man's most important thing is knife. It is said, 'You greet someone with their wear and depart with their mind". So, the costumes themselves can speak a lot about the person on the outside.

Man's head wear speaks volumes of their status in society, their ranks if they are wrestlers, horse trainers or archers including Ankle Bone Shooters. These are traditional sports that men play during national celebrations such as Naadam, Tsagaan Sar (Lunar New Year) and other local events.

When you visit Mongolia, you must wear Mongolian traditional costumes for pictures. Most tourist attractions have some fancy costumes to wear and additional for sale. Or you can buy slightly lower quality ones for very modest prices from the flee market, Narantuul. Ask your interpreter or tour operators to take you there. They take cash only and of cause take care of your personal valuables at all times, especially, in crowded ares like Narantuul.

If you are taking some expensive items such as snuff bottles, knives etc, you have check with Customs regulations. In such cases, it is better to buy from duty free shops and other departments stores. Needless to say that it is must to retain all your receipts.

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