Mongolia Destinations

Mongolia Destinations can be roughly divided into central, southern, northern, eastern and far west regions. The central region will include the capital city of Ulaanbaatar and its surrounding natural resorts like Terelj National Park, Khustai National Park, Bogd Khan National Park etc. It will also include the ancient capital city of Mongol Empire Karakorum which today has become a famous tourist site and a museum that many read only in history books.

The capital city has everything the good, the best and the ugly as every crowded metropolitan would have. Though the city has the most expensive hotels, brand shops, restaurant chains it also boasts with clearly Mongolian identity of nomadic culture - traditional dwellings - ger districts. The ugly is air pollution during the winter and all year around traffic jam. 

In the north, Lake Khovsgol, the deepest fresh water lake with beautiful surroundings of Taiga, the evergreen forest with rare and wild habitats. The native people in the region are called Tsaatan people called after the type of reindeer they have domesticated and still using as their livestock. They are reached by good reliable vehicles and at some points only by horseback riding. This region is one of the hardest to reach destinations in Mongolia. There will be a long rough drive by 4x4 or more expensive way is airlift.

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In the south, Gobi Desert, is the largest Desert in Asia and fifth in the world. In 2008 it was rated in top 6 environmental destinations in the world by National Geographic. Once Gobi was a graveyard of dinosaur remains until it was all taken away, stolen or smuggled. Recently, T-Rex nearly complete skeleton was returned to Mongolia. Now it has become the largest coal exploration region.

The East is a birth place of legendary Great Genghis Khan, the founder of the world's largest continuous land Empire and the father of Mongolian democracy. Today, Genghis Khan has become a national symbol and a hero after being suppressed by the communist Russia for 70 years. You will hardly find anything without his name imprinted.

The far west is a home of all year around snow peaks, massive range of mountains, huge lakes and exotic eagle hunting traditions of Mongolian Kazakh people. The Altai Mountains' Tavan Bogd is just one of many challenging peaks for the climbers and a home for remaining few snow leopards and Gobi bears.

The choice is yours as to where to go in Mongolia!

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