Mongolia Guesthouses

Majority of travelers today are backpackers. Mongolia Guesthouses is the best choice for everyone who is not only want to save but also want to see much more and experience the culture with their travel investments.

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While organized tourism and hotel industries promise relaxation, safety and extra services, most of the budget travelers still manage to see and even experience much more than those who choose to pay for such services.

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Mongolia has a wide range of guesthouses to offer. The only thing is they do not do good in promoting their presence, specially, on the internet. The primary way of promotion is the traditional word-of-mouth. However, people have different objectives.

For this reason, we have included several guesthouses in the order of information we received. The first one is Youth Mongolia. If you want to experience Mongolian people, culture and lifestyle, you might want to consider to find a Host Family. Click here Mongolia Guesthouses.

We also want to provide a place where people can submit non-biased, non-commercial and purely informative nature reviews and feedbacks about hotels, hostels, guesthouses they have stayed in.

You can click on the links above if you see the place you stayed in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and submit your review, plus your recommendations. Thank you for your time in helping future travelers to Mongolia.

You are right, we are not affiliated with any hotels or guesthouses, nor we are getting paid for referrals or anything like that. We are not an agent either. We are compiling Hotels in Mongolia page just for your convenience.